Our Services

Indusmed offers a broad spectrum of medical services for various work spaces and environments

Fitness to work medicals

  • Pre-Employment Medicals
  • Periodical Medicals
  • Exit Medicals
  • Asbestos Medicals

Medical Surveillance

  • Risk Assessment based on hygiene report
  • Planning medical surveillance
  • Annual monitoring/medicals/
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Assisting the employer with submission of Occupational Health diseases if need be

Medical surveillance is required by law to be carried out in workplaces where workers are exposed to particular hazards.


The particular hazards that require medical surveillance include noise, asbestos, certain chemicals, certain biological agents, and lead. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the medical surveillance

is carried out and the employer must pay for the service of a medical professional.


Medical Surveillance is the planned programme. A planned programme or periodic examination, which may include clinical examinations, biological monitoring or medical tests of employees by an occupational health practitioner or in prescribed cases, by an occupational medicine practitioner.


“These medical tests could be x-rays, hearing tests, or biological monitoring. It is applied only to detect negative effects of specific workplace hazards) Indusmed is able to assist the employer with their medical Surveillance program.

Extra types of tests or services

  • Confined space evaluation
  • Working on heights evaluation (included in all our full medicals)
  • Heat stress test
  • Food handlers medicals
  • Forklift driver medicals (special vision screening tests)
  • Medical Incapacity management
  • Substance misuse testing